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FNMA - Functional and Nanonstructured Materials
IMIM - Intermolecular and Magnetic Interactions in Matter

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Monday, 28 September
Poster Session 1
21:00 - 23:00 Saletta Mazara and Auditorium dell'Annunziata
A: Physics and technology of carbon nanotubes and carbon-based materials

    The maximum area available for poster presentation is 1.0m wide and 1.5m high.

  • P-011 S. Bellucci
    Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper: Low Toxicity and Decreased Proliferation of Human Cancer Cell Lines

  • P-015 M. Bialoskorski, J. Rybicki
    Tensile Strength of Carbon Nanotubes

  • P-021 A. Capasso, E. R. Waclawik, J. M. Bell, S. Ruffel, M. Scarselli, A. Sgarlata, N. Motta
    Carbon Nanotubes Synthesis from Germanium Nano-particles

  • P-023 A. Ambrosio, M. Ambrosio, G. Cerulo, C. de Lisio, S. Lettieri, P. Maddalena, P. Castrucci, M. Scarselli, M. De Crescenzi
    Study of Dynamical Relaxation in MWCNs Films by Optical Pump-probe Technique

  • P-027 P. De Marco, M. Nardone, S. Santucci, A. Del Vitto, M. Alessandri, L. Ottaviano
    Rapid Identification of Graphene Sheets: Alumina Does It Better

  • P-044 V. Grossi, A. Urbani, M. Ambrosio, A. Ambrosio, P. Maddalena, S. Santucci, M. Passacantando
    Novel Photosensor Made of MWCNTs Grown on Silicon Substrate

  • P-055 M. Kosmider, S. Zurek, Z. Dendzik, K. Gorny
    Dynamics of Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol Molecular Clusters Embedded in Carbon Nanotubes: Computer Simulation Study

  • P-077 A. Capobianchi, D. Fiorani, C. Veroli, M. V. Mansilla, S. Foglia, E. Palange
    Direct Synthesis of L10 FePt Nanoparticles within Carbon Nanotubes by Wet Chemical Procedure

  • P-079 M. Passacantando, F. Bussolotti, S. Santucci
    Tuning the Electromechanical Response of an Individual CNT by Selective Electron Beam Induced Deposition

  • P-080 I. Pelech
    Removal of Amorphous Carbon and Metal Particles from MWNTs Using Hydrogen and Acid Treatment

  • P-082 L. Peponi, A. Tercjak, J. Gutierrez, M. Cardinali, I. Mondragon, L. Valentini, J. M. Kenny
    EFM Imaging of Carbon Nanotubes Sequestrered into Polystyrene Domains of Poly(styrene-b-isoprene-b-styrene) Block Copolymer Matrix

  • P-113 B. Ya. Venhryn, I. I. Grygorchak, S. Mudry, Yu. O. Kulyk
    Influence of Ni-intercalative Modification of Nanoporous Carbon on Structure and Properties of Electric Double-layer at Boundary with Electrolyte

B: Photonic and optoelectronic materials
    The maximum area available for poster presentation is 1.0m wide and 1.5m high.

  • P-020 F. Bonfigli, S. Almaviva, F. Flora, R. M. Montereali, A. Reale, A. Ritucci, P. Zuppella
    Color-center Photoluminescent Nano-patterns Induced in Lithium Fluoride by Soft X-ray Laser Beam

  • P-026 P. De Marco, F. Fioriti, P. Parisse, D. Luciani, S. Santucci, P. Zuppella, P. Tucceri, A. Reale, L. Ottaviano
    Structural and Optical Characterizations of 6,13 Pentacenequinone Thin Film on Different Substrates

  • P-041 B. Brzostowski, V. Cao Long, B. Grabiec
    Four-Level Model for EIT of Cold 85Rb

  • P-060 J. Hassinen, J. Holsa, T. Laamanen, M. Lastusaari, P. Novak
    Electronic Structure of Defects in Sr2MgSi2O7:Eu2+,R3+ Persistent Luminescence Materials

  • P-073 U. Narkiewicz, J. Kaszewski, M. Godlewski, S. Yatsunenko, W. Lojkowski
    Influence of Annealing Temperature on Light Emission Efficiency of ZrO2 Doped with Tb3+ Ions

  • P-076 B. Padlyak, W. Ryba-Romanowski, R. Lisiecki, Ya. Burak, V. Adamiv, I. Teslyuk
    Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Lithium and Potassium-Lithium Tetraborate Glasses Doped with Copper

  • P-087 D. Joskowska, K. Pomoni, A. Vomvas, B. Koscielska, D. Anastassopoulos
    On Electrical and Photoconductive Properties of Nb-doped TiO2 Sol-gel Thin Films

  • P-093 E. Leonardi, S. Penna, A. Reale, T. M. Brown, A. Di Carlo
    Stability of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells: Comparison of Sealing Strategies

  • P-109 T. Tsuboi, Y. Torii
    Photoluminescence Characteristics of Green and Blue Emitting Alq3 Organic Molecules in Crystals and Thin Films

C: Nanoparticle materials and nanolitography
    The maximum area available for poster presentation is 1.0m wide and 1.5m high.

  • P-003 G. Amiard, I. Berbezier, M. Aouassa, L. Favre, A. Ronda, C. Marcus, I. Alonso
    FIB Nanopatterning for SiGe Nanostructures Self-assembly on Si Substrate

  • P-016 N. Guskos, E. A. Anagnostakis, G. Zolnierkiewicz, J. Typek, A. Biedunkiewicz, A. Guskos
    Annealing Effect on EPR Spectra of Ti-Si-C-N System Samples

  • P-034 F. Flora, S. Bollanti, F. Bonfigli, A. Gerardino, P. Di Lazzaro, L. Mezi, R. M. Montereali, D. Murra, A. Reale, A. Torre, P. A. Vincenti
    The First Italian Micro-exposure Tool for EUV Nanolithography

  • P-069 S. Mudry, I. Shtablavyi
    Liquid-Solid Interaction at Formation of Nanocomposite Systems

  • P-089 S. Prezioso, D. Luciani, P. Tucceri, P. De Marco, A. Gaudieri, J. Kaiser, S. Santucci, L. Ottaviano, P. Zuppella
    Morphology Investigation of Periodic Nano-patterns Produced by Large Area X-ray Interference Lithography

  • P-090 S. Prezioso, L. Ottaviano, A. Ritucci, P. Tucceri, F. Flora, L. Mezi, P. Dunne, P. Zuppella
    A Xe Based Plasma Source for EUV Nano-lithography Applications

D: Physics and technology of nanostructured semiconductors and superconductors
    The maximum area available for poster presentation is 1.0m wide and 1.5m high.

  • P-005 E. A. Anagnostakis
    Wavefunction-Engineering of Intersubband THz-Laser Nanoheterointerfaces

  • P-006 M. Aouassa, I. Berbezier, L. Favre, G. Amiard, A. Ronda, H. Maaref, A. Miranda, P. D. Vedova, F. Traversi, R. Sordan
    Formation and Ordering of Si and Ge Dots by Dewetting

  • P-022 L. Ponta, A. Carbone, M. Gilli, P. Mazzetti
    Avalanche Noise in Granular Disordered High-Tc Superconductors

  • P-025 G. Ambrosone, D. K. Basa, U. Coscia
    Study on Structural and Optical Properties of Nanostructured Silicon Carbon Films

  • P-029 F. Di Pompeo, R. M. Montereali, E. Nichelatti, M. A. Vincenti
    Optical Spectrophotometric Characterization of Organic TPB Films for Dark Matter Particle Detectors

  • P-043 V. Grossi, L. Ottaviano, S. Santucci, M. Passacantando
    XPS and SEM Studies of Oxide Reduction of Germanium Nanowires

  • P-058 S. P. Kruchinin, A. Zolotovsky, J. Dow
    Band Structure for Fe-based and Ruthenate Superconductors

  • P-059 D. B. Chesnokova, V. A. Moshnikov, A. E. Gamarts, O. A. Aleksandrova, V. V. Kuznetsov
    Photoluminescence of Nanostructured Pb1-xCdxSe (x=0-0.20) Layers

  • P-063 D. A. Kudryashov, R. V. Levin, V. I. Ratushnyi, L. S. Lunin, V. V. Kuznetsov, B. V. Pushnyi, V. M. Andreev
    Epitaxial Growth of GaSb-based Nanoheterostructures by MOCVD

  • P-066 V. A. Moshnikov, I. E. Gracheva, V. V. Kuznezov, A. I. Maximov, S. S. Karpova, A. A. Ponamoreva
    Hierarchical Nanostructured Porous Semiconductors for Gas Sensors

  • P-067 Y. M. Spivak, V. A. Moshnikov, V. V. Kuznezov, A. Yu. Savenko, N. E. Preobrajensky, P. G. Travkin
    Self-Organized Porous Structure with Several Levels of Pores in Electrochemical Anodized Silicon

  • P-091 S. Prezioso, S. M. Hossain, A. Anopchenko, L. Ferraioli, Zhizhong Yuan, M. Wang, G. Pucker, P. Bellutti, S. Binettir, M. Acciarri, L. Pavesi
    Silicon Quantum-Dots Based Solar Cells for Third Generation Photovoltaics

  • P-094 M. Rinaldi, F. Ruggieri, L. Lozzi, S. Santucci
    Well-Aligned Nanofibers Grown by Near-Field Electrospinning

  • P-097 W. Sadowski, P. Fiertek, J. M. Olchowik
    Doping Effect at Grain Boundary of YBa2Cu3O7-y: Fe Ceramic System

  • P-098 W. Sadowski, T. Kilmczuk, J. M. Olchowik
    The Influence of the Annealing Temperature on the NdCeCuO-214 Crystals Surface

  • P-105 P. Konsin, B. Sorkin
    Surface Superconductivity in Transverse Electric Field in Two-component Model

E: Organic, hybrid and composite materials
    The maximum area available for poster presentation is 1.0m wide and 1.5m high.

  • P-001 O. I. Aksimentyeva, L. S. Monastyrskyy, B. R. Tsizh, V. P. Savchyn, L. I. Yaryc'ka
    Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Nanosystems Based on Polypnenylacetylene and Fullerene Integrated with Porous Silicon Matrix

  • P-002 O. I. Aksimentyeva, V. P. Dyakonov, S. Piechota, A. Shapovalov, H. Szymczak, B. R. Tsizh
    Structure and Magnetic Properties of Metal Organic Magnet Based on Iron Complex with 2-hydroxy-1-nitrozonaphthalene

  • P-010 L. Bednarska, M. Kovbuz, A. Budniok, J. Kubisztal, J. Panek, M. Popczyk
    Influence of Iron Additives on Semiconduction Properties of Al-based Amorphous Metallic Alloys

  • P-014 S. Bertho, W. D. Oosterbaan, V. Vrindts, J. D'Haen, T. J. Cleij, L. Lutsen, J. Manca, D. Vanderzande
    Nanofiber Organic Solar Cells: Device Performance and Active Layer Morphology

  • P-017 I. Bobowska, P. Wojciechowski
    Hybridization of Basic Copper Salt Using (2-hydroxypropyl)Cellulose/Titania Nanosheet Composite

  • P-018 M. Bobrowski
    Energetics of the Reactions of Reduction of Metal Salts by Biradical Di-para-xylylens

  • P-038 P. Gargiani, C. Mariani, M. G. Betti
    3d-metal Phthalocyanines Chains on Au(110): Electronic Structure Dependence on 3d Metal Occupancy

  • P-062 E. Tomaszewicz, S. M. Kaczmarek, G. Leniec
    Re-investigations of Thermal Decomposition of Gadolinium Sulfate Octahydrate

  • P-064 N. Guskos, V. Likodimos, S. Glenis, K. Karkas, G. Zolnierkiewicz, M. Bosacka
    Transport Properties of M2InV3O11 (M(II)=Zn(II) and Co(II)) Compounds

  • P-075 G. Olchowik, M. Tomaszewska, M. Tomaszewski
    Modification of Bone Structure After Cortycotherapy by Microwave Irradiation

  • P-084 F. Piersimoni, K. Vandewal, S. Chambon, S. Filippone, N. Martin, J. Zhao, G. Van Assche, B. Van Mele, L. Lutsen, P. Adriaansens, D. Vanderzande, J. V. Manca
    Influence of Fullerene Side Chain Functionalization on Open-Circuit-Voltage of Polymer: Fullerene Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells

  • P-095 O. S. Roik, O. V. Samsonnikov, V. P. Kazimirov, S. M. Galushko, V. E. Sokol'skii
    Local Order in Liquid Al-Cu, Al-Co and Al-Cu-Co Alloys

  • P-096 E. Rysiakiewicz-Pasek, A. Naberezhnov, A. Fokin, P. Jagus, E. Koroleva, Yu. Kumzerov, L. Korotkov, M. Tovar, S. Vakhrushev
    Phase Transformations in Nanocomposites with Ferroelectrics in Restricted Geometry: Phase Transitions and Macroscopic Properties

  • P-102 R. Signerski, G. Jarosz, B. Koscielska
    Photovoltaic Effect in Hybrid Heterojunction Formed from Cadmium Telluride and Zinc Perfluorophthalocyanine Layers

  • P-106 A. Makal, K. Wozniak, A. Szady-Chelmieniecka, E. Tomaszewicz, G. Leniec, S. M. Kaczmarek, E. Grech
    Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Characterization of a New Monohydrate NCS and a Schiff Base Copper(II) Complex

  • P-107 E. Tomaszewicz, G. Dabrowska, S. M. Kaczmarek, H. Fuks
    Solid-State Synthesis and Characterization of New Cadmium and Rare-earth Metal Molybdato-tungstates Cd0.25RE0.50(MoO4)0.25(WO4)0.75

  • O-33 S. Zurek
    Relaxation Characteristics of Low-molecular-weight Systems in Porous Host Matrix: Computer Simulation Study

  • L-26 P. Romiszowski
    Confinement Effects in Polymer Systems: Monte Carlo Simulations

Wednesday, 30 September
Poster Session 2
15:00 - 17:00 Auditorium dell'Annunziata
F: Magnetic materials and diluted magnetic semiconductors
    The maximum area available for poster presentation is 1.0m wide and 1.5m high.

  • P-004 A. Amirabadizadeh, H. Farsi, H. Arabi, M. Dehghani
    Effect of Substitutions of Zn for Mn on Size and Magnetic Properties of Mn-Zn Ferrite Nanoparticles

  • P-019 T. Bodziony, S. M. Kaczmarek
    Magnetic Properties of LiNbO3: Er, Tm Single Crystal

  • P-032 W. Arabczyk, E. Ekiert, M. Balanda
    Preparation and Magnetic Properties of Magnetite Dispersed in a Carbon Matrix

  • P-048 N. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz, J. Typek, A. Guskos, D. Petridis
    Influence of Magnetic Agglomerates on EPR Spectrum of Free Radicals in Organic Matrix

  • P-051 M. Mazurek, E. Jartych, A. Lisinska-Czekaj, D. Czekaj, D. Oleszak
    Structure and Hyperfine Interactions of Bi9Ti3Fe5O27 Multiferroic Ceramic Prepared by Sintering and Mechanical Alloying Methods

  • P-052 S. M. Kaczmarek, E. Tomaszewicz, A. Jasik
    EPR and IR Studies of Some Praseodymium(III) Tungstates

  • P-065 M. Malvestuto
    XAFS Study of Ru 4d Orbital Occupation in Ruddlesden-Popper Strontium Ruthenates Srn+1RunO3n+1 (n=1,2,3): Influence of Lattice Distortions on Electronic Structure

  • P-072 N. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz, J. Typek, D. Sibera, U. Narkiewicz
    FMR Study of Temperature Dependence of Magnetic Anisotropy of Nanocrystalline Fe2O3 Doped with ZnO

  • P-081 U. del Pennino, F. Moro, V. Corradini, M. Evangelisti, R. Biagi, V. De Renzi, U. del Pennino, J. C. Cezar, R. Inglis, C. J. Milios, E. K. Brechin
    Magnetic properties of Mn6 Sub-monolayers on Au(111) Investigated by X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism

  • P-083 S. Picozzi, G. Giovannetti, A. Stroppa, T. Fukushima, K. Yamauchi
    The BISMUTH project

  • P-101 A. Shalimov, K. Potzger, D. Geiger, G. Talut, A. Misiuk, S. Zhou, C. Baehtz, J. Fassbender
    Structural and Magnetic Properties of Fe and FePt Nanoparticles in MgO Synthesized by Ion Implantation

  • P-104 M. Villani, G. Calestani, M. Solzi, C. Pernechele
    Direct Synthesis of Tetragonal L10 Ferromagnetic FePt Nanoparticles

  • P-110 N. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz, J. Typek, A. Guskos, D. Petridis
    EPR/FMR Study of Nanocrystalline Hematite-Ilmenite Solid Solutions

  • P-111 J. Typek, N. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz, E. Filipek
    Magnetic Resonance Study of Sb3V2Mo3O21

  • P-112 J. Typek, N. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz, A. Szymczyk
    Magnetic Resonance Study of Poly(ether-block-ester) Copolymers with Ferrocene Units

  • P-115 K. Yamauchi, S. Picozzi
    Ab initio Study on Ferroelectric Stability In Charge-ordered Multiferroic Iron Oxides

  • P-117 N. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz, J. Typek, D. Sibera, U. Narkiewicz
    Magnetic Resonance Study of ZnO-MnO System

  • P-118 P. K. Sharma, A. C. Pandey, C. Rudowicz, N. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz
    Copper Doping Concentration Dependence of Structural and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Properties of ZnO Nanorods

  • P-119 N. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz, J. Typek, R. Szymczak, C. Rudowicz, A. Blonska-Tabero, H. Ohta, S. Okubo
    Study of Magnetic Properties of Co3Fe4V6O24

G: Nanobiotechnology
    The maximum area available for poster presentation is 1.0m wide and 1.5m high.

  • P-012 L. Benea, P. Ponthiaux, F. S. Sorcaru, F. Wenger
    Dispersed CeO2 in Cobalt: a Way to Improve the Coating Properties

  • P-013 L. Benea, A. Ciubotariu, B. Tribollet, W. Sand
    Influence of Nano SiC Co-deposition with Nickel to Biofilm Formation on Nanocomposite Coatings

  • P-028 S. Di Bucchianico, M. F. Giardi, P. De Marco, L. Ottaviano, D. Botti
    Cytogenetic Stability of Chicken T-cell Line Transformed with Marek's Disease Virus: Atomic Force Microscope, a New Tool for Investigation

  • P-085 A. Poma, S. Di Bucchianico, A. Galano, S. Santucci
    Interactions and Potential Cytotoxicity of TiO2 Nanoparticles and Thin Films on Murine Macrophages RAW 264.7 Cell Line

  • P-100 B. Sanavio, C. Grunwald, G. Legname, L. Casalis, G. Scoles
    Selective Confinement of Proteins by AFM for Characterization Studies

H: Surfaces, thin and thick films
    The maximum area available for poster presentation is 1.0m wide and 1.5m high.

  • P-007 D. Bagnis, L. Valentini, A. Facchetti, T. J. Marks, J. M. Kenny
    Role of Processing in Structure-Function Relationship of Polymeric Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells

  • P-008 R. J. Barczynski
    Nonlinear Impedance as an Indication of Ionpolaron Interraction in Cu2O-Al2O3 SiO2 Glass

  • P-009 R. J. Barczynski, P. Krol, L. Murawski
    AC and DC Conductivity in V2O5P2O5 Glasses Containing Alkaline Ions

  • P-024 K. Cieslak, S. Gulkowski, J. M. Olchowik
    Influence of Dielectric Coverage on Epitaxial Thin Films and Photovoltaic Conversion in Solar Cells Obtained by Epitaxial Lateral Overgrowth

  • P-037 P. Gargiani, S. Achilli, M. I. Trioni, F. Bussolotti, M. G. Betti
    Domain Wall Formation and Electron-Phonon Interaction of Bi Reconstructed Phases on Cu(100)

  • P-049 N. Guskos, J. Majszczyk, J. Typek, J. Rybicki, I. Kruk, A. Guskos, G. Zolnierkiewicz, C. Adinis
    Photoacoustic Response of Common Starfish Tissue

  • P-050 G. Il'chuk, V. Kusnezh, P. Shapowal, R. Petrus'
    Chemical Surface Deposition of CdS Thin Films from Aqueous Solutions

  • P-054 B. Koscielska, A. Winiarski, W. Jurga
    Structure and Superconductivity of VN-SiO2 Films Obtained by Thermal Nitridation of Sol-gel Derived Coatings

  • P-056 S. A. Kostyrya, V. I. Tkatch, S. G. Rassolov, K. W. Wojciechowski, B. Idzikowski
    Numerical Approach to Cooling and Crystallization in Melt-spinning Process of Fe40Ni40P14B6 Alloy

  • P-061 Z. Lendzion-Bielun, W. Arabczyk, U. Narkiewicz
    Effect of Promotors on Structure and Thermostability of Nanocrystalline Cobalt Catalyst for Ammonia Synthesis

  • P-068 P. Moskvin, E. Avramchuk, L. Rashkovetskyi, G. Olchowik, J. M. Olchowik, A. Zdyb, W. Sadowski
    Low Temperature Liquid Phase Epitaxy of Zn-Cd-Te System

  • P-071 L. Murawski, R. J. Barczynski, K. Trzebiatowski, L. Wicikowski
    Effects of Heating Atmospheres on Surface Conductivity in Cu2O-Al2O3-SiO2 Glass

  • P-092 A. A. Donskov, L. I. D'yakonov, A. V. Govorkov, Y. P. Kozlova, V. V. Kuznetsov, S. S. Malakhov, A. V. Markov, M. V. Mezhennyi, V. F. Pavlov, A. Y. Polyakov, V. I. Ratushnyi, N. B. Smirnov, T. G. Yugova
    Non-Polar GaN Films Prepared on Si Substrates Using Porous Al2O3 Anodic Oxide Masks

  • P-103 A. A. Solodovnik, V. V. Danchuk
    Structure of Condensed Films of Molecular Cryocrystals

  • P-108 V. M. Rubish, B. R. Tsizh, S. M. Gasynets, O. G. Guranich, P. P. Guranich
    Obtaining and Dielectric Properties of Ferroelectric Glassceramics on the Basis of Sn2P2S6

I: Industrial applications of nanotechnology
    The maximum area available for poster presentation is 1.0m wide and 1.5m high.

  • P-033 G. Fioravanti
    Artificial Molecular Machines: Stimuli Induced Motion from Solution to Surface

  • P-035 F. Galanello, S. Guerrieri, A. D'Anna
    Metal Voids in 110 nm Lines Due to Thermal Diffusion of Aluminum in Large Metal Plate

  • P-036 F. Galanello, G. De Amicis, M. Cichocki, A. D'Anna
    Polymer Material Integration in Light Pipes Module of CMOS Imager Devices

  • P-039 A. Mielewczyk, K. Gdula, S. Molin, P. Jasinski, B. Kusz, M. Gazda
    Structure and Electrical Properties of Ceramic Proton Conductors Obtained with Solid-state and Molten-salt Synthesis Methods

  • P-042 G. Greco, A. Witkowska, S. Dsoke, A. Di Cicco
    Atomic Structure Stability of PtCo Electrocatalysts in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Subjected to Ageing Process

  • P-045 S. Guerrieri, G. Testa, G. Mattioli, S. Sellitto, A. Stilo, A. D'Anna
    Aluminum Process Integration in Copper Metallization Multi Stack for 90 nm Technology Node CMOS Image Sensor Applications

  • P-046 S. Guerrieri, G. Testa, A. D'Anna
    Characterization of PVD Ta and Ti Copper Diffusion Barriers

  • P-047 R. Marinelli, S. Guerrieri, G. De Amicis, A. Del Monte, M. Faccio, E. Palange, A. D'Anna
    Polymer Material Characterization with High Refractive Index for 90 nm Technology Node CMOS Imager Sensor Applications

  • P-053 V. Kondrat, O. Hrytsyna
    Formation of Near-surface Inhomogeneity of Electromechanical Fields and Size Effect in Thin Dielectric Films

  • P-078 C. Rizza, P. Carelli, E. Palange, S. Lupi, O. Limaj, A. Nucara, M. Ortolani
    Frequency Filters in Terahertz Region Based on Induced Dipolar Response of 2-dimensional Array of Functional Metamaterials

  • P-086 M. Dispenza, P. Farinelli, I. Pomona
    Development of Compact Ka-Band MEMS Phase Shifter for Electronic Beam Scanning Antennas

  • P-114 A. Witkowska, G. Greco, A. Moretti, G. Giuli, R. Marassi
    Structure vs Catalytic Activity in Carbon Supported Pt-based Catalysts

  • P-116 F. M. Zanzotto, D. Croce, S. Prezioso
    Reading what Machines "Think": a Challenge for Nanotechnology

J: Nanomechanical properties of materials
    The maximum area available for poster presentation is 1.0m wide and 1.5m high.

  • P-030 A. Duda, K. W. Wojciechowski
    Effective Elastic Properties of Polycrystalline Samples of Anisotropic Auxetic Materials

  • P-031 J. Dziedzic, J. Rybicki
    Structure of Liquid Cu by a Novel Quantum-Classical Approach

  • P-057 M. Kowalik, K. W. Wojciechowski
    Free Energy of Hard Multisphere Crystals

  • P-070 S. Mudry, Yu. Plevachuk, V. Sklyarchuk, A. Yakymovych, V. Sidorova
    Influence of Antimony on Structure and Physical Properties of Tin

  • P-074 J. Narojczyk, K. W. Wojciechowski
    Elastic Properties of Three-Dimensional System of Soft Dimmers at Zero Temperature

  • P-088 A. A. Pozniak, P. Kedziora, H. Kaminski, B. Maruszewski, T. Strek, K. W. Wojciechowski
    Anomalous Deformation of Constrained Auxetic Square Under Pressure

  • P-099 O. V. Samsonnikov, O. S. Muratov, O. S. Roik, V. P. Kazimirova
    Modeling Structure of Liquid Al

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